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  • Wishing you a cordial welcome to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!
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Become a member of "Friends of Our Lady of the Cape"


« Friends of Our Lady of the Cape »

The members of this association contribute to help insure the financial, human and liturgical resources necessary for the maintenance and for the development of the Our Lady of the Cape Shrine.

The privileges given with the annual $200 contribution is:

        • A membership card
        • An annual gathering of "Friends" featuring the Eucharistic celebration, social activities, meal and refreshments, with the opportunity to bring a person of your choice.
        • A 10 % discount on purchases at regular price at Shrine’s Gift Shop.
        • A newsletter, “The Friends”, wich contains news regarding the evolution of the Shrine, its religious activities, and its development projects.

All "Friends" who have contributed $200 and more annually, and whose entire contribution is over $5 000, will have their names inscribed on the wall of the "Friends of Our Lady of the Cape" and will also receive a certificate of recognition.

Become a member of "Friends of Our Lady of the Cape" $200
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Thank you for your support to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine.

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