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  • Wishing you a cordial welcome to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!
    Have a very pleasant virtual visit or come and live it!


How can I become a Pilgrimage organizer?

We will send you general information that will help you to organize pilgrimages to the shrines.  Most groups come by bus, or they fly in to Montreal and rent a bus from there.  Some organizers go through travel agencies.  Other groups come in vans and/or cars.  

It is important to get in touch with our pilgrimage office before planning on a particular date for your pilgrimage.  Cynthia, our coordinator, will be able to assist you in choosing a date based on availability at the Shrine.  

How can I find out about organized groups going on pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine?

More and more pilgrimage organizers are registering on this Web site.  Some organizers will also pick up pilgrims along the way to the Shrine.  If you are unable to locate one near you, we will be pleased to assist you.  Simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or in writing and we will give you the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of organizers closest to you.

Can I get accommodation at the Hotel of the Shrine if I’m not part of a group?

Any individual can reserve rooms at the Madonna Hotel, as long as there are vacancies.

Can I reserve rooms at the Madonna Hotel even if I’m not a pilgrim and just happen to be passing through?

You don’t have to be a pilgrim to reserve accommodation at the Madonna Hotel.

What are the rates at the Madonna Hotel?

The rates are available upon request from our Pilgrimage Office or from the Madonna Hotel directly.  They are also available on this Web Page under ACCOMMODATION.

Who do I contact to reserve a room at the Madonna Hotel?

During the pilgrimage season, from May to mid-October inclusively, contact Cynthia at the Pilgrimage Office for reservation at the Madonna Hotel.  In the off-season, you may contact the Madonna Hotel directly or Cynthia at the Pilgrimage Office.

How do I contact the Madonna Hotel?

You can contact the Madonna Hotel, the hotel of the shrine, by telephone: 819-375-4997 or by e-mail: receptionmadone@videotron.ca or by mail:  10, rue Denis-Caron, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada, G8T 3W9

How do I contact the Pilgrimage Office?

You can contact Cynthia, our coordinator, by calling 819-374-2441, Ext. 261, by e-mail pelerinages@ndc-cap.com, by fax: 819-374-2890 or by mail: 626 Notre-Dame St. East, Trois-Rivieres (Quebec), Canada, G8T 4G9

When does the Shrine close for the winter?

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape never closes.  It is open all year round.  However the official pilgrimage season is from May 1st to mid-October, after the Canadian Thanksgiving week-end.  

What are the office hours of the Reservation Office of the Shrine?

Reservations can be made all year round from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Can I come to the Shrine and not take part in religious activities?

Activities are scheduled for organized groups coming to the Shrine.  Members of these groups are not required to take part in all or any of these activities.  However, should the entire group decide to not take part, the organizer of the group should advise those responsible at the Shrine.  Individuals who are not with an organized group are always welcome at the Shrine.  It is a great place for private meditations. 

If I’m not with an organized group, can I join in the celebrations that are scheduled for organized groups?

Everyone is welcome to take part in all celebrations at the Shrine.  Just prior to each celebration, announcements are made, in the language of the celebration, inviting all pilgrims that an activity is about to begin and where.  There is also an Information Booth where pilgrims can get information about celebrations scheduled in their language.  Posters listing English celebrations for the day are also posted at strategic areas on the grounds and in the Madonna Hotel. 

Do I have to be Catholic to come to the Shrine?

Everyone is welcome!  This is a beautiful place of reflection even for non Christians.

Do I have to speak French to come to the Shrine, especially if I’m not with an organized group?

We have people who can converse in English in all sections of the Shrine.  The staff at the Information Booth will be able to assist you in English.  However, in the off-pilgrimage season, all celebrations are in French. 

Are there opportunities to speak privately to a priest in English outside the confessional?

Yes, an English-speaking priest can be made available for private consultation.  You can get assistance from the staff at the Information Booth.  They will direct you to an English-speaking priest.  

Is private confession available?

Yes, private confessions in English are available a half-hour prior to evening English Mass.  There are also private confessions offered in English at the Divine Mercy celebration. 

Can I come to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine for a private retreat of a few days?

Our Lady of the Cape Shrine is a wonderful place to make a private retreat.  Note that in the off-season, all celebrations will be in French only.