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  • Wishing you a cordial welcome to Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!
    Have a very pleasant virtual visit or come and live it!

Rest Area for Recreational Vehicles

motorise01Located along the St. Lawrence River, this site is not a campground. It has been designed to accommodate pilgrims with campers wishing to stay for a few days. No reservation is taken.

There is no fixed fee for your stay, but we encourage you, to make a donation to the Shrine. Your generosity will make it possible to maintain and improve the service offered to campers, as well as other services offered by the Shrine.


  • Drinking water
  • Restrooms
  • Sewage disposal




  • Park your RV on designated locations.
    Keep your car within the same lot. 
  • Avoid loud talk and loud music
  • Keep pets on leash at all times.
    Collect excrement after your pet.
  • No campfire allowed
  • No alcoholic beverages when walking on the premises