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Dear Visitors and Pilgrims,

I am Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, oblate Father, rector of Our Lady of the Cape Shrine. It is with great pleasure that I invite you today to come visit us in 2018. Since 1888, Our Lady of the Cape Shrine has been a place of pilgrimage, of recollection and of prayer for millions of visitors. .
Summer 2018 will be characterized by the theme “Free at last!”. This enticing expression, inspired by Martin Luther King’s famous speech of the same title, invites us to enter into the hope of new freedom which is offered to us through our faith and our spiritual experience. Free at last, that is, freedom from that which oppresses us, freedom to serve. .
We are excited to present to you our new program for the 2018 season. You will find many elements that you love and are used to at the Shrine, such as the Candlelight Procession, the Rosary and the Mass. We have also developed several new activities, such as a prayer inspired by Taizé on Saturdays or a biblical workshop, giving you a greater variety of possibilities day by day. You will also find that some activities allow more interaction amongst the different members of your group and with Shrine staff, offering you the opportunity of fraternity as an essential counterpart to the prayer which is the foundation of your pilgrimage. Finally, the schedule has been adapted in order to make your global experience more enjoyable and balanced. You will find the schedule and the description of activities in the attached files. .
We are coming up to an important milestone in the Shrine’s history. Called to be a much-desired safe haven, to become a spiritual lighthouse for all those who thirst for “something more”, the Shrine’s role is more than ever pertinent for today’s society. Your support through your active participation, your prayer, your never-failing generosity, your trust, is very precious: I thank you wholeheartedly. It is a great encouragement for us to persevere in our mission. The next years will see significant renewal of the Shrine’s installations, favouring and improving hospitality, encounters, and respect and beauty of nature. These efforts would be unthinkable without you! .
Our Lady of the Cape Shrine is a reflection of Jesus Christ’s community of disciples. I am thankful and proud for what we will offer you this year, sure that we shall enjoy together unforgettable moments full of God’s grace. Let us be the first ones to invite our friends and loved ones to experience this communion! Thank you for continuing to walk with us, I look forward to meeting you again! . With gratitude, .

Pierre-Olivier Tremblay omi, Rector