About us

A word from the Rector

Dear pilgrims, visitors and friends of Our Lady of the Cape Shrine, The summer season is at its best, and we have the pleasure of having our hands full as we welcome you from so many different places! Throughout its 125 years of history, the Shrine has been and still is a unique place of prayer and contemplation. Blessed Father Frederic, its cofounder, is engraved in our collective memory by the widespread influence of his life, his preaching, and the Way of the Cross he has left us in our magnificent gardens.

Today, our society is marked by speed, activity, noise, and multiple and diverse encounters. In the heart of this world, the Shrine is a welcoming haven of peace and a spiritual lighthouse. It can also be a place of memory and heritage, a place of culture and of rejoicing, a place where the beauty of nature enchants us. As you can see, the Shrine has in store many surprising and inspiring possibilities!

In the future, I am convinced that the Shrine will continue to be important and pertinent. Thank you for your friendship, your commitment and your donations for the maintenance and the development of this unique site. Throughout the years to come, we will work on developing new activities and a new layout with the desire to welcome you always better and better.

Welcome to our home and yours, and may the God of adventures and pilgrimages keep you always in His peace!

Father Pierre-Olivier, o.m.i.