The Sacrament of Forgiveness is offered 30 minutes before each celebration.

God heals us in the sacrament of forgiveness.

As all other sacraments, forgiveness makes us celebrate a gesture of love from God. Let us ask ourselves, in this sacrament, how do we experience God’s tenderness. What surge of love does Jesus want in our lives? We should not approach this sacrament on the basis of our weaknesses, but rather on ourselves, on what we have done. To better live the sacrament of forgiveness, we must feel the love God has for us and the way he looks at us. This celebration is not centered on ourselves and our weaknesses. It lets us experience an encounter with God the Father and Jesus who do something good for us, by renewing our Spirit of love.

In the sacrament of forgiveness, the most important thing is not to get us in line, but to open our hearts to God, who welcomes and delivers us from all obstacles to love. The sacrament of forgiveness bears another name : reconciliation. In the words of the first believers, reconciliation is a gift of God offered to anyone willing to “welcome” it.