A word from the Managment Team

A word from the Managment Team

It is with joy that we have agreed to assume the Managment Team position of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape. We will assume our role in a collegial way, in a “synodal” way – that is to say  a “journey together”.

We want to live this “journey together” in a spirit of acceptance, respect and solidarity, so that the Shrine may remain for each one a haven of peace and a spiritual beacon.

We are committed to living this “journey together” with all those who wish to make a contribution to the live of the Shrine, with their passions and talents. The challenges are immense and it is with the participation of every one that we will be able to meet them.

With you, we want to work to ensure that Our Lady of the Cape Shrine remains this place where it is good to meet, to recharge your batteries, to appreciate the beauty of creation, to be inspired.

In this Shrine, we can gather, pray, celebrate. We can make room for God, open ourselves to him, let him speak to us through his Son Jesus, who looks at us with love and has so much to say to us.

If what we experience at the Shrine makes us taste a moment of peace, joy, consolation, healing, we can say that the Spirit as passed into our life.

Whether you are on a pilgrimage or on a visit, we wish you to be able to say, with Mary, that God accomplishes beautiful and great things in your life.

Enjoy your stay at Our Lady of the Cape Shrine!

Father Rémi Lepage, O.M.I., director