A new program at the Shrine!

The summer pilgrimage proposal has been renewed to offer you a unique experience here at the Shrine. Come and enjoy moments of healing and peace in an enchanting site with activities designed especially for you.

For all the details of the new schedule, please click here. For the full description of the activities, please here.

Please note that activities are held only when there are reservations. There is no minimum number needed to reserve; however we maintain the possibility of adapting the activities and the schedule according to the number of participants.

Join a group!

Our Lady of the Cape Shrine has been founded in 1888 and attracts numerous pilgrims, tourists and visitors.

Every year, several pilgrimages are organized at Our Lady of Cape Shrine by people from everywhere. If you would like to join a group from your area, we invite you to contact the person in charge of the group. You will find the information by clicking here.

This page is updated when organized groups are added to our calendar. Check this page regularly.

For information on pilgrimages you can contact us :

Email : pelerinages@ndc-cap.com

Phone number : 819 374-2441 ext. 151