The Shrine puts down new roots!

On the first day of the Assumption Novena 2023, we planted a tree as a spiritual experience. It was a call to help one another, to drink from the fountain like the Samaritan woman. It was also for all of us a sign of hope that the Shrine cares about the Earth entrusted to us, and the state of our gardens.

We know that in recent years we’ve had to cut down trees in our gardens due to disease and insect pests, and that this has left an impact on the hearts and memories of our visitors, pilgrims and seekers of meaning. Let’s celebrate together, because now it’s time to replant. In mid-October, you may have noticed that trees have been added to the planting beds near rue Notre-Dame-Est: 65 trees have been planted on the Shrine grounds. Here are the species chosen:

  • Gymnocladius dioicus
  • Amelanchier canadensis
  • Quercus bicolor
  • Ostrya virginiana
  • Carya cordiformis
  • Celtis occidentalis
  • Larix laricina
  • Picea glauca
  • Carpinus caroliana

Our approach, based on the functional diversity of plants, calls for native species of medium to large development.

We will proceed in phases, the first of which will consist of planting 80 trees to replace some of the felled trees. In the spring of 2024, in phase two, 15 trees will complete the initial 80-tree project, and we aim to add at least 30 more.

So we can look forward to renewed gardens for years to come. Come and enjoy our gardens! We hope you’ll be able to see these new trees grow in the coming years!

We look forward to seeing you in the gardens in 2024.